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What a great story about Rocky's truck!


Jim! This was great. I had often wondered if any of the trucks used for Rocky's truck had survived.

Lisa (from the Rockford Files Yahoo Group)

Jim Suva

Thank you. I am glad you like the story.


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You can also try collecting these as files.

Barron GMC

What a remarkable story and long journey (all the way to L.A) to obtain the truck! Mr Garner also sounds wonderful; taking the time to explain everything about the truck and signing autographs.

Dante Mallet

Whoa, that's one mean truck! Sad to hear that it has not been used for a while. It only has 10,000 mileage, making it technically in good condition. He definitely needs to restore this truck. This is a valuable piece of machinery. A truck like this should be on the road, not in the garage.

Jim Suva

I agree. Infact it is a valuable piece of TV history.

Thanks for checking out my Blog.

Jon Ellis

so they used 6 of these trucks during the TV series, Rockford Files. I've always wondered what happened to all these trucks. this owner definitely need to get the truck restored as it is a valuable piece of machinery with a lot of TV history and ties to james Garner. should at least be shown in a museum if not driven. thanks for the story. James Garner is a down to earth guy.

Jim Suva

John, I am glad you liked the stories. You are right. I hope Robert can restore his truck. It should be on display for all to see.



The original truck was a 1976 GMC. How come your artical says it's a 1979? Thanks,Brad

Jim Suva

The show was given several trucks each season. I believe the original trucks were 1974's and the last trucks were 1979's. My article is about one of the last trucks a 1979 GMC.

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Very impressive and inspiring story. A really valuable piece.

Jim Suva and The Suva Files

Thank you! Robert is a very lucky guy to own a piece of TV history!

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Debra Harris

not a follow of "blogs" so I wasn't aware this story was out there. Buut, may I add a couple of corrections?? Not that it is earth shattering, but in the interest of keeping it all "factual" :)

Robert did not ask me to write a letter inquiring about the (possible) sale of the truck. I took it upon myself as a "surprise" for Robert b/c I knew how much he "loved" that truck, and the show.

I did how ever write a second letter when I didn't hear anything from my first letter...and it was "me" that Mary Ann called, not Robert. In fact, he wasn't even home when she called, and after speaking w/her a few minutes and learning of the lost first letter, and "yes" we could buy the truck, I had to ask her to call back in about
15 min when I knew Robert would be home.

I didn't tell him a thing about what I had done,or about the incoming phone call....I wanted him to be completely surprised by the caller and what she was about to tell him :)
And "surprised" he was...

While in the LA area for this trip, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary....one of our more memorable celebrations.

The truck had four gas tanks on it, and it cost a small fortune to fill it up. The first time we stopped for gas, Robert filled up two tanks on one side, then cranked the truck to turn it around at the pump to fill the other two....you should have seen the attendant come flying out of the station thinking we were about to pull off w/o paying...ooh yeah, those were the day's when you could fill-up and not "pre-pay" even if you were paying cash. After that, when ever we stopped for gas, I would get out and let the attendant know what we were doing so they wouldn't freak out.

Some where in the vastness of the Texas desert, we stopped for the night....we had our supper @ Wendy's and watched as thick, dark ominous clouds began to roll in. Robert was "strongly" encouraging me to hurry up and finish so we could get back to the hotel before the bottom fell out. Weeell, as we were leaving, I decided I needed a "Frosty" to take back to the room.....that delay was "costly" b/c as we reached the truck, the sky's opened up and the biggest hail stones I'd ever seen began to plummet the truck. We were only a short distance from an overpass, which is where we took refuge until the storm had passed.....fortunately, there was no damage to the truck.

Some other tidbits about his fanatical watching of "The Rockford Files"....

When our NBC affiliate in Jacksonville, Fl suddenly and for no reason opted to stop airing the show, we would drive to St Augustine (Fl) approx 45 miles S of Jacksonville every Friday night to the hotel we spent our honeymoon in to watch the show b/c St Augustine got their NBC signal out of Orlando (Fl). Being a young relatively "poor" couple, we would go to the bar and ask the bar tender to change the channel to "The Rockford Files"...which, thankfully, he was always happy to do. After it was over, we would drive back home. On those "rare" occasions when we could afford to,we actually got a room and spent the night :)

On another occasion, when my sister announced her engagement and upcoming nuptials, she said they were planning a candlelight ceremony on such 'n such a date....which, horror of all horrors, fell on a Fri nigh. Well, Robert up and announced, "then we won't be there"...he wouldn't miss his show for anything/anybody, and this was pre VCR day's folks. Well, my sister graciously agreed to change her wedding date to the next day, Sat., so he could
watch his show and we could still attend her wedding.

We have many happy memories of that trip, and of meeting James Garner...he truly was a gentleman and humble actor to know he had such dedicated 'n loyal fans. He will forever have a soft spot in both our hearts.....Debra Harris

Jim Suva and The Suva Files

Thank you Debra for your story. I have changed my original story to reflect your facts.


Steve Alexander- Missouri

I enjoyed this story, and I'm glad the truck has survived and is in the hands of a fellow RockfordPHILE!

Jim Suva

I am glad you liked the story Steve.


I loved watching The Rockford Files as a kid. They don't make great TV shows like that anymore, and there aren't great actors like James Garner around anymore. It was a golden era in television for sure.

Kelly A. Althoff

I am a life long Rockford Files fan. I have always admired James Garner and thought he was a "Class Act" and this only make me more proud to be a fan of his. I am glad you were able to meet him. I cryed the day he died knowing I would never get the chance to meet my Childhood to present day here. I look forward to meeting him in Heaven because I know for a fact..he made the guest list.

Jim Suva and The Suva Files

I never met James Garner, so I know that feeling you have about never meeting him. I too hope to meet him someday in heaven.

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